HydraStar HBA Series

HydraStar is an Electric over Hydraulic trailer brake actuator manufactured in the USA. This unit is the ultimate in control and safety with the quickest response time and the lowest current draw of any actuator on the market. The HydraStar eliminates the brake drag common with surge actuators on down hill grades and also works easily in reverse. It is easy to operate, the trailer brakes engage when the tow vehicle brake pedal is applied or over-ridden by an in-cab controller. It is also the only actuator that is directly compatible with the more advanced in-cab brake controllers, such as the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 and P3.

HydraStar units are available in 1000 psi for trailers up to 3 tonne with drum or disc, 1200 psi for trailers with disc up to 3.5 Tonne and 1600 psi unit for those larger trailers greater than 3.5 Tonne with disc brakes. Hydrastar offers a 2 year warranty on the units.

A battery and breakaway kit are required to complete the HydraStar package. The breakaway switch is fitted to both the trailer and the tow vehicle ensuring that should the trailer become separated from the tow vehicle, the breakaway switch is activated and the trailer brakes are applied.

Response Time Graph 2 Axle   Response graph 3 Axle   Current draw graph

*All tests were run with the actuators connected to a two or three axle trailer (respectively) equipped with disc brakes and controlled by a Drawtite II controller.

Cost Effective replacement for vacuum over hydraulic systems

Eliminates the feel of being "pushed" by the trailer which also reduces the potential for jack-knife.

Required by Australian Legislation for trailers over 2 tonne.

Under Australian Law, any trailers with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 2 Tonne or over, must be equipped with a braking system. This braking system must operate automatically when the driver applies the vehicle brake.

12 volt DC operation

Legislation also requires in the event that the trailer becomes separated from the vehicle, there is a breakaway system that automatically and immediately applies the trailer brakes.

The HydraStar breakaway kit contains a 5amp battery and a breakaway switch. It also contains a diode in the battery pack not common in some other breakaway kits. This diode ensures that the tow vehicle cannot draw current from the battery. This is helpful in situations where the vehicles lights may have been left on and its own battery supply is drained, this diode will not let the vehicle then draw power from the breakaway system battery pack.

In cab controller required

The driver must be able to control the brakes from the drivers seat. One of the advantages of the HydraStar over other systems, is its ability to be used with a wide range of controllers. See our brake controllers page for the controllers available from Trailer Spares Direct and the compatibility list for current and earlier models of the HydraStar.

Electrical Connections

Recommended wire is a minimum of 5mm for wiring up the brake actuator. Further information can be found in the instructions for the brake actuator or brake controllers.  For the wiring of the in-cab brake controllers into the car at Trailer Spares Direct we have made these easy by supplying everything you need in kit form. Find out more information about the Brake Controller wiring kit.

Hydraulic Brakes

For use with DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid systems. We suggest Enviro Gold Brake Fluid.

Output pressure

1000 psi for drum or disc brake applications.  1200 psi or 1600 psi pressures for various trailer disc brake configurations - prevents over-pressurising your brakes and damaging seals.

Trailer-mounted and self -contained weather tight enclosure

The HydraStar unit has a strong self-contained weather tight enclosure.  Also available is a HydraStar Cover to assist in covering the unit, further protecting it from the weather and the cap located on the top from theft.


11.8" long x 3" wide x 7.3" high

HydraStar Brake Actuator
Hydrastar HBA Series
Gen 7 Unit

1000psi - Part# 381-7065 
1200psi - Part# 381-7066
1600psi - Part# 381-7067

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